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Windowz PC Sales Drop, Apple Rises – Linux?

There is a significant drop in new PC sales running Microsoft Windows, but Apple sales are rising… Continue reading

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MS. buys LinkedIn, Yellen Yellin’ Nothin’ and Gators in Florida… news at 11

Microsoft buys LinkedIn – LinkedIn users get pwned. Yellen at The Fed does nothing. Gators in Florida, news at 11… Continue reading

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Windows 10 Deletes Software It Doesn’t Like, and other security superhighways

Why you need to avoid Windows 10 (and 8) and any machine with UEFI boot loader if you care at all about security. Continue reading

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How I Think The NSA Hacked The World

I suspect that this single “weakness” in a core Microsoft protocol explains how the NSA “broke in” to so many “secure” things. It looks to me like the weakness was added by design. Continue reading

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