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The Stupidity Of Gun PC-ness

Dear Congress: Let our Military and Police be armed and able to defend themselves, and us, any time and anywhere. Dump your anti-gun PC Paranoia and let those trained to defend us at least defend themselves. Continue reading

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The world of warfare just changed. Big ships or shiny ships to return?

The US Navy has put a ship based laser weapon into operational (deployed) status. This changes the face of warfare in many ways. Continue reading

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Clear Talk On A Better War Machine

A Ted Talk that clearly states what’s wrong with the USA Military behaviours today, and how to fix them. Continue reading

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North Korea Has The Bomb – tested nuke

Update 27 May 2009 North Korea abandons the 1953 armistice. Whoo boy… Views from both sides of the political map: Fox News and, Dialy Kos Mr. Obama, you are being tested. Iran is watching. Might I suggest this is a … Continue reading

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