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There Is NO Good Coordinate System For Climate Models

I discuss the issues I’ve run into with mapping a spherical world into either a rectangular grid of points or a hexagonal global map, then present what I think is a computationally acceptable method. Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi Cooling – Finally Passive Good Enough

There’s a firmware update to help the Pi M4 stay cool and some nice passive cooling options. It still adds $16+ to the cost, but at least you can start to use your computes. Continue reading

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Physics Std. Model “hits the wall” at LHC

Higgs Boson, QM, and some bits on the Standard Model of physics. What, after all, is reality? Continue reading

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Climate Feedback Follies

Seems that the order in which you compute the factors to create the Climate Feedback can change it as much as the variation between models. Continue reading

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