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Navy Confirms UFOs Are Real? WT?

So Tucker has a Youtube up (supposedly a cut from his broadcast show) saying that the US Navy is admitting they had an unexplainable encounter with unidentified flying objects – UFOs. So deep fake? Black Project? Someone ahead of us in the arms race? A spoof? Who knows… Continue reading

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US Navy Patent on LENR / LANR Particle Source

The US Navy claims to have control of LENR / LANR enough to give your choice of soft X-rays on up to neutrons and more. They even have a patent on it that goes into great detail on how to DIY. So I’m of the opinion that it works. Continue reading

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Seems Like a lot of carrier maintenance

A brief look at where the Aircraft Carriers are right now. Continue reading

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Floating Base?

When is an aged ship due to be decommissioned a Floating Navy Base? When the news tries to report that it’s being saved from mothballs as a floating hotel for Navy Seals… Continue reading

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