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Some Interesting Alternative Sites

Some interesting alternative sites for web search and news articles for things Goorgle, Faceplant, and Twitser don’t want you to see. Continue reading

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NYT & MSNBC Even Driving Modestly Left Away

Tim Pool does a nice rant on the horrid state of journalism and the load of lies it has become. Continue reading

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I Just Love That Karma Beech! CNN Not So Much…

The Incredibly Shrinking CNN meets TimCast, who gets more viewers, and has layoffs… It’s called a “market” guys, and if you are tying to sell shit you stink and people stay away in droves…. Continue reading

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CBC Fabricating Fake News Caught Poking The Rebel

The CBC tries a typical left-jounalist tactic of an concern trolling and gets caught in their own fabrication. Then the video report of it by the intended target is just deliciously biting. Continue reading

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