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Obama as Satan? It’s funny what folks can get by torturing data…

I wonder what it means when The Bible calls Satan by name as Barak Obama… and don’t know if I ought to laugh or cry at the method of finding it… Continue reading

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In Defense Of Obama

A defense of the actions of President Obama in not interrupting a Diplomatic Mission to run off in a panic about Brussels. Continue reading

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Scalia Dead, Obama Gets A Supreme Nomination

Justice Antonin Scalia has died. Obama gets a Supreme Pick… Oh Dear. Continue reading

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Deny Global Warming, Dishonorable Discharge and Prison – It’s The Law

The Commander In Chief has given an order that if a service member denies the existence of Global Warming they have committed dereliction of duty and are open to court martial. He is either ignorant of what he has done, thus incompetent to lead, or knows what he has done and is a tool of the UN and thus incompetent to lead, or an idiot. Maybe more than one… Continue reading

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Obama’s Gift To You: ANRZ Alpha Natural Resources Bankrupt. Next?…

What ObamaNomics looks like, up close and personal to Arch Coal. Continue reading

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Iran Nuke – 2 Months From When?

Who is lying about the Iranian Nuclear Bomb time line? And what lie has the biggest win? IF “the biggest lie wins the most”, we’re screwed with another “Peace In Our Time” fantasy. Continue reading

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Does Obama “Love America”?

A Short Rant on the present mindless faux rage over Obama’s Love (or lack their off) for America Continue reading

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