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A Bit Of Worry on China Economics

It looks to me like the global demand for commodities is bottomed, mostly, but certainly not ramping up yet. All in all, not very encouraging and with China having a down real estate market and low iron ore demand. Continue reading

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Russian Economic Plunge

How volatile commodity prices for oil and gas are impacting Russia (and may impact OPEC countries if trends continue) Continue reading

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Coal, Liquids, and Costs

Some notes on coal to liquids conversions and available technologies, along with links to a couple of papers. We can make gasoline cheaper than the present price, IMHO. Continue reading

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A Disturbing Video

A disturbing video… Continue reading

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Whole New Layer Of Oil Depth

New oil finds, some comments on nuclear and LENR. Continue reading

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California Screaming Gas Prices

California having a “moment” as gasoline prices spike to near $5 per gallon. I suggest a bottle of wine. It’s cheaper and you won’t care that you didn’t go anywhere. Continue reading

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There’s Oil On That Ocean Bottom!

Oil is found on the deeps of the abyssal plains of the ocean. Asphalt volcanoes are found under 3000 m of water. Continue reading

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