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Orange Sky Bad! Must Be Trumps Fault!

Welcome to Kalifornia where “Climate Change” means you can’t have a wood BBQ, but the forests can be left to develop too big a fuel load and turn the sky orange when they burn… Continue reading

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Praise for GOJO Orange Hand Cleaner

An endorsement for Gojo hand cleaner. Used it after my roof patch and was surprised to see it remove roofing asphalt patch compound while being easy on the skin. Amazing stuff, really. Continue reading

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Odroid-C2 Performance and Order

A brief look at high performance computing evaluation methods, and how they apply to some dinky nano-pi or micro sized boards, plus why I bought an Odroid-C2 for the next addition to the stack… Continue reading

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DietPi – a Small Pi Linux

A brief review of first impressions of the DietPi flavor of Linux Continue reading

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