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SOM AMO PDO Ocean Time Lags And Natural Variability

Various “modes” in ocean oscillation can account for our multi-decadal (and perhaps centuries long as well) climate changes. As the oceans go, so goes the air, the weather, and in the longer term, the climate. Continue reading

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From ‘The Models Need More…’ department

Stratospheric changes can cause ocean current changes. I speculate that solar UV shifts might be a driver of stratospheric changes, and through that influence ocean currents. Continue reading

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Atlantic, Boreal, Cycles and Events

There are, and always have been, cycles in the climate of the Earth. We explore some of the names given to these cycles by various investigators and mention a few historical connections. Continue reading

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Is there a Polar Alternation cycle?

Is there a decadal or multiyear oscillation between the Arctic and Antarctic temperatures? Is the Arctic warm because it’s very cold in Antarctica now? Continue reading

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