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Paris Is A Mess – Macron Is In Trouble

I think Macron is toast. We’re into about 2 weeks of Paris riots so far and it isn’t stopping. There is every chance that “Christmas vacation in France” becomes a Big Zero and that financial cost will hurt. Continue reading

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Trump On Paris

Does Trump really care about Global Warming? Will he really get us out of the Paris crap? I don’t know… Continue reading

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We’ll Always Have Paris – Memories…

Trump quashes “Paris Agreement” and returns freedom to Americans. Oh Boy! Continue reading

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CETA – Canada E.U. Trade Agreement

The CETA Canada Europe “trade deal” has a load of green hooks in it to bind execution of the Paris Crap. It, like the TPP, has ‘subroutine calls’ to ‘other environmental agreements’. It’s a load of crap, IMHO, and needs to have that stuff ripped out of it, just like the TPP needs it removed. Continue reading


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