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The Left Pole Of The Political Sphere – Where All Directions Are To The Right.

A Jordan Peterson video that introduces an interesting idea. If you think of The Left as being a pole, like the North Pole of the planet; then it is clear why they call everyone else Right Wing. For all directions away from a Left Pole would be “to the Right”. Continue reading

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OMG! “Climate Change” Moving Earth POLES! We’re All Going To Fall Off!!

The North Pole is headed to England and we’re responsible, us naughty naughty humans. Continue reading

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Hexagon on Earth?

It looks like polar hexagons are a consequence of a polar projection of close packed cyclones at just the right aspect ratio such that curves on the surface become lines in projection. At least, that’s the Smith Theory Of Planetary Hexagons… Continue reading

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Can the Earth Crust Slip?

Given that the liquid part of the earth’s core is about as viscous as water, why can’t the crust have a ‘pole shift’? Continue reading

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