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7 Days In October – May Be Nothing

What happens when the wind blows? Wind turbines work, and PG&E shuts off consumer demand… So a potential week long power outage. Guess it’s time to check my prepper gear and generator. Continue reading

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Dear NFL – Up Yours.

Dear NFL – until you have your employees treat your customers with respect by respecting our flag, I’m outta here.
Dear Bud – You too. Supporting them indirectly via buying your products is not gonna fly for this American, even if you aren’t American any more. Continue reading

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Modern Educayshun – a hoot and a half…

A rather fun video poking at “Social justice” in education, and my comments. Continue reading

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Welcome to Political Manipulation Awareness Day!

Please take just a moment to think of the Earth on this Political Manipulation Awareness Day, and remember that long after Homo Sapiens is but a distant memory, the Earth will continue on, changing as it does, with no awareness of our presence nor our passing. All things earthly change. It’s only political machinations that never seem to end… Continue reading

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