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The Daily Watch 22 Oct 2019

A collection of videos from near 22 October 2019 that tickled my fancy in some way. Continue reading

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A Surprising POV From Inside The Left

An interesting view point from a young black man about the goings on in the Democratic Party and the effort to smear Tulsi Continue reading

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More Democratic Lies – Impeach Screech At Kavanaugh

It would seem the Idiots On Parade are now pushing to impeach Kavanaugh over another completely unsupported blind accusation of 30 years ago involving a woman who doesn’t remember it… The Stupid not only burns, it’s gone nuclear… Continue reading

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Tim Pool On Bill Maher On PC Crap

A minor political rant along with a video from Tim Pool about how Bill Maher gets it that The Left has gone off the deep end of the pool and is about to drown as the moderates can’t choke down any more of this PC Crap. Continue reading

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