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China, Roads, Shipping, Pipelines, and Placing a Go Stone

China is on a roll playing strategic position games while the USA whines about the weather. Continue reading

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Two households, full time job, bi-coastal, and more

A riff on current issues, my busy life, and a broader vision of how stepping off the line of attack is the best solution. Continue reading

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Osmosis Power – Needs Work.

I think Osmosis Power Plants have a ways to go and work to do before they are ready… Continue reading

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ChWS – Charcoal Liquid Diesel Fuel

Yes, we can run our cars, truck, ships, and trains on charcoal from trees. And at lower costs than using petroleum. Continue reading

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Flaming Cruise Ships, Batman!

An interesting electrical connection to ship fires, and a potential line to India and China more recently. Continue reading

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