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Raspberry Pi / Devuan with OverlayFS Write Protection

How to make a more locked down Raspberry Pi with much lower rates of “wear” on the u-SD card and with read-only system file spaces (that blocks many kinds of attacks), while providing a user account that sheds cookies, trackers, beacons, and all manner of crap as soon as you log out and reboot. Continue reading

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Ubuntu As Advertiser Monster?

A newly booted Ubuntu board ranks near the top of things with advertising and information sharing blocks in the PiHole system. I wonder why? Continue reading

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A Rather Good Presentation On The Dark Web

A TED talk that explains what the Dark Web really is, why it isn’t bad as portrayed by the media, and why it is essential for our privacy and security in the future. Continue reading

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Pine 64 Phone In The Works

Pine64 is making a phone kit. Continue reading

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