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Raspberry Pi / Devuan with OverlayFS Write Protection

How to make a more locked down Raspberry Pi with much lower rates of “wear” on the u-SD card and with read-only system file spaces (that blocks many kinds of attacks), while providing a user account that sheds cookies, trackers, beacons, and all manner of crap as soon as you log out and reboot. Continue reading


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Notes on Devuan on Disk on R.Pi Model 3

I’ve moved several of the operating system filesystem bits onto a Real Disk. This is on my Raspberry Pi Model 3. It is noticeably faster, and I’m liking it. Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two Linux Minimal Boxes

Comparing a “roll your own” Raspberry Pi solution to a pre-rolled end user friendly Linux option. Continue reading

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Pi Tor Not So Easy, but maybe found a good VPN-TOR service

Tails of Woe from TOR Wars, easy DIY routing done, and an interesting combined VPN to TOR service provider out of the USA. Continue reading

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