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Well, That Was Fun – R.Pi routing WiFi to HotSpot

Building a contorted network that gets my tablet to the internet via 2 WiFi hops and an LTE / Cell link. Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two Linux Minimal Boxes

Comparing a “roll your own” Raspberry Pi solution to a pre-rolled end user friendly Linux option. Continue reading

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Building A Nearly Tails Raspbian Pi

A modestly amnesiac and modestly incognito and modestly secure modestly cheap computer system. While it still needs a fair amount of work to get everything locked down and turned into a fully TAILS like environment; I think this is good enough to use “as is” for a fair degree of privacy and security at a reasonable price. Continue reading

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Fedora on Pi – a short note

A small test drive of Berryboot Fedora on the Raspberry Pi Model 2, and finding Firefox a nice fast browser compared to the Debian / IceApe and Debian / IceWeasel ports. Continue reading

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