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Devuan 2.0 “ASCII” Release R. Pi Install Tale Of Woe

Some notes and tales of woe about my upgrade to Devuan 2.0 code name “ASCII” release on the Raspberry Pi. Continue reading

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Duvuan Pi – First Try

An unenlightened first stab at upgrading Raspbian Jessie (Debian 8.0) to Devuan Jessie (no systemD) via the direct process unadorned. Continue reading

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Make Your Raspberry Pi M3 Run 2 x As Fast – at the advertized rate…

By default, your Raspberry Pi runs at 1/2 speed. Here’s how to speed it up. Continue reading

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Pi 3 Sound – It’s The G-Damn HDMI Adapter

I’ve been fighting sound failure on the Raspberry Pi since my Pi 2 B and then my Pi 3 buys. Just couldn’t get sound out, no matter what I tried. Turns out it is the DVI / HDMI adapter / my monitor not getting sound. Pi on the new HDTV, sound is fine. Continue reading

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