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Color Revolution Playbook, Trump & Russia

How to conduct a Color Revolution? There’s a handbook for that… Continue reading

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Are Democrats Angling for a Constitutional Crisis?

Are the Progressives and Democrats attempting to foment a Color Revolution? The Acting Attorney General has been ‘relieved’ and replaced with someone who recognizes the rule of law. This is the kind of thing you expect to see in 3rd world coup attempts in the early stages. Continue reading

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Something Extraordinary In Resolve

A most marvelous example of Resolve and what happens when the Progressives try intimidation on “regular folks”… Continue reading

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The FU Factor

A small Rant about the common ground of Makers and Takers and how it has usually ended badly and how as someone who does remember history I’d rather not repeat that process. I also add “Sucker” to the types in addition to makers and takers… Continue reading

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