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My Odds

How to figure odds of exposure and risks. What we OUGHT to be doing. Continue reading

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Why Economists Study “Climate Science”, Uncertainty, Interest Rates, and A Crash

Why are there so many Economists interested in the foibles of “Climate Science”? Why are they “more right”? How does dealing with “Uncertainty” vs. “Risk” or “Probability” give a better base to work from? Take interest rates, for example; are we lining up for a crash, or not? Continue reading


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What’s With The Smoking Airbus?

Does Airbus have a Smoky Cabin problem? Continue reading

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Let someone else say “Bottle of gas, rag stopper” go to Prison.

Is it a Federal Offence to make dust in air? To say “Bottle of gas with rag stopper”? To teach chemistry? To run a web hosting site where OTHER PEOPLE do those things? It would seem so. Continue reading

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