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Aleppo vs Mosul, BBC vs RT, and a Mirror

Why I like RT news largely comes down to covering uncovered stories, behind the scenes views of what the EU and USA would rather we not see, and “talking dirt” about or calling out other media when they blatantly lie. That is, investigative journalism OF journalists from the “west”. Continue reading

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RT – A Remarkably Clear View of America & Trump

A remarkably clear view of American Politics and Trump, seen from outside the USA on RT. Continue reading

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Hillary Wikileaks Trump Issues Part #2

A place to continue the product of Wikileaks email searches, discussion of all things Trump, and adding in the RT Russia Takedown that happened this morning (finances frozen in the UK). Continue reading

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Putin Starts His October Move – Pivot To Shia and Wet Kiss to Saudi

Russia plays the oil card in building an Arab Sunni / Shia Muslim block on their southern border, while causing trouble for the EU and USA. Turkey in the mix too. Continue reading

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