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Chop, Twist & 4 Wall – per RT and NBC

So is Russia Evil Or Buddy Today? Please oh Ministry Of Propaganda, tell me what to think… /sarc; Continue reading

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International Events – Venezuela & Russia & Bears, Oh My!

A bit of commentary on some international goings on, with emphasis on Venezuela & Russia & The Baltics… Continue reading

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Amazon and Reusable Rocket Launch / Landing

Jeff Bezos has a win with a reusable rocket launch and landing. Then some comments per Russia and our dependence on them for space gear and flights. Continue reading

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What A Coalition Of The Willing…

So I’m watching Russia Today and they reported some things that are just fascinating. ( I *think* all of these were from RT, but I was channel hopping a bit… it might have been Fox with the Anonymous story.) 1) … Continue reading

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Russia, Syria, ISIL, IRAQ, IRAN, Saudi, program and popcorn

Who’s on which side doing what in the Levant? Enquiring minds would like to know… Continue reading

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A Bit Of Worry on China Economics

It looks to me like the global demand for commodities is bottomed, mostly, but certainly not ramping up yet. All in all, not very encouraging and with China having a down real estate market and low iron ore demand. Continue reading

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And Russia Makes Two Leashing NGOs

Russia joins the group making use of NGOs to harm the State a punishable offence. Continue reading

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