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Middle East Trip- US President Shares Military Secrets With RUSSIANS!!

The USA President has met with the UK Prime Minister and the Russian Leader to share military secrets and strategy for the demise of Europe as it has been for the prior few decades. Photo evidence! Continue reading

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Hacks, Leaks, Investigations, Evidence – Leaps…

Some ideas about the DNC and Hillary leaks / hacks and a bit of description of how a person in the computer security business views things. Continue reading

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Egypt – Part 4 Revolution Redux?

Is Egypt warming up for a repeat of the repeat of the repeat of the revolt on food prices and oppression? Continue reading

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Putin Starts His October Move – Pivot To Shia and Wet Kiss to Saudi

Russia plays the oil card in building an Arab Sunni / Shia Muslim block on their southern border, while causing trouble for the EU and USA. Turkey in the mix too. Continue reading

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Chop, Twist & 4 Wall – per RT and NBC

So is Russia Evil Or Buddy Today? Please oh Ministry Of Propaganda, tell me what to think… /sarc; Continue reading

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International Events – Venezuela & Russia & Bears, Oh My!

A bit of commentary on some international goings on, with emphasis on Venezuela & Russia & The Baltics… Continue reading

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Amazon and Reusable Rocket Launch / Landing

Jeff Bezos has a win with a reusable rocket launch and landing. Then some comments per Russia and our dependence on them for space gear and flights. Continue reading

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