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Thermopylae vs Sea Level Rise

Do we know of a place where there once was a well defined sea level and shoreline, and where now we can see how far things have changed? Yes, several. One at Thermopylae where the width of the beach / flood plain was variously described as 20 m to 100 m; and is now measured in km. Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two Tunas – Chicken o.t. Sea beats StarKist

Bench testing tuna shows Chicken Of The Sea puts a full can in, while StarKist is 1/2 ounce lighter on the actual tuna. Continue reading

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It’s a bit cold in the North Oceans

The ocean, especially in the Northern Hemisphere, has a very cold anomaly. Continue reading

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Gee, siting problems and intrument error in sea level gauges

What kind of “issues” plague sea level rise trend creation? Are the data clean? The instruments well placed and maintained? Not so much… Continue reading

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