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Eat Your Meat! Heart Disease In Paleo Farmers And Egyptian Mummies

An interesting video that looks at ancient diets and finds meat eaters are healthy and ancient agrarian diets high in carbs and plants, had “modern” diseases of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, etc. 55 minutes: Subscribe to feed

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Does 5 GHz Disrupt Sleep?

Some recent oscillations of our use of 5 GHz WiFi routers seem to correlate with insomnia and other neurological oscillations. Is 5 GHz causal of insomnia and other health issues? Continue reading

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GMO Tests Showing Bad Effects

A very SMALL sample of reasons why you ought to avoid GMO foods. Continue reading

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CFL “Curly Bulbs”, Lupus, Behaviour Disorders, and more…

The CFL and its ills, or our ills… Continue reading

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