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Some Glimmers Of Liberty In Australian News

A couple of videos from Sky Australia looking at Cancel Culture and it’s failings. Gives some hope this plague might be nearing a limit / turn to ending. Continue reading

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Google Search…

And interesting Project Veritas video about Google Search and how it is being tuned to “Prevent another Trump Situation”… Then a bit of my rant about that blatant bias and now it makes their product unusable for un-biased search. Suited to Alt Left users only. Continue reading

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Gillette, “Woke”, Political Ads, and Rejection

How can a razor company be so Brain Dead? Embracing SJW tripe. Continue reading

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Timcast, the SJW Plague & Fraud, the Linux Kernel & CoC Crap

What do Linux, SJWs, and Codes of Conduct have to do with each other? Simple, the Left is desperately interested in a take down of the one place they can not control, the world of Linux and the Internet. Sigh. The fight comes home to Linus, and he folds. Continue reading

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