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3 Mos. of Virtue Signalling Censorship and…

What happens when you piss off 1/2 the country by censoring their voices and the folks they want to hear? Well, you can get the Twitter & Facebook stocks at a deep discount to 3 months ago… Continue reading

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Mass Noun – A Stupidity of Congressmen

As the worm turns, a judge has decided to block the distribution of 3D printed gun plans via a web site. This is dumb for several reasons, not the least of which is that the plans are already “in the wild”. Continue reading

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“Road Diet” – The Stupid Is Strong In This One.

Let’s see, if roads are too crowded and slowing down, let’s “Fix It” by taking away lanes! Yeah, that’s the ticket!! Continue reading

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When do you “talk truth to stupid”? Really…

How do you argue with The Incredible Power Of Stupid when by definition it does not care, nor understand, argument? Continue reading

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