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Tangled Web Of FOSS – Google vs Oracle

Untangling the web of FOSS entangling Java, Oracle, and Google. Continue reading

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The Iron Sun, Pro Link and Anti Density

Some links on the Iron Sun theory, along with a question of some density… Continue reading

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Summer Solstice is Here

It’s the Summer Solstice in the N.H. and Winter Solstice in the S.H. Time for the true driver of weather and climate change, the sun, to start the process of nullification of the forces acting to push into one extreme season and start drifting us toward the other. Continue reading

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Send In The Clouds…

Clouds and albedo change limit imblanaces in energy flow into the planet to a remarkable degree and balance the differences between hemispheres. Continue reading

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Tides, Vectors, Scalars, Arctic Flushing, and Resonance

A brief look at why ignoring the direction of lunar tide forces is a bad idea, and why just looking at the size of the scalar portion is not the path to understanding. Continue reading

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Does Anybody Really Know What TSI It Is?

Turns out TSI is a mess an one of the best solar researchers on the planet (IMHO) thinks were up for a Grand Minimum and lower TSI leading to a little ice age. Continue reading

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Why Land Air Temperature is Exactly Wrong

It isn’t CO2 and IR that matters. It is water and UV. How the planets stir the sun, and cause the moon to stir our oceans. That can account for all the observed changes, both recently and in the past, and predicts our future.

It is the mass of the oceans that control the air temperatures, not some IR from a gas. This is observed in present land temperature patterns. Water determines temperatures, not CO2. Continue reading

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