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Paris Is A Mess – Macron Is In Trouble

I think Macron is toast. We’re into about 2 weeks of Paris riots so far and it isn’t stopping. There is every chance that “Christmas vacation in France” becomes a Big Zero and that financial cost will hurt. Continue reading

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Oh, Canada… Let the Taxing, Socialist Confiscation Of Wealth, and Economic Destruction Begin.

Let the Taxing and Industry Killing begin… in Alberta. Perhaps Canada can learn something from India… Continue reading

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IMF Carbon Dreams

The IMF wants you to pay more taxes. Lots more. And a carbon tax, and Cap-N’-Tax and so much more. Continue reading

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Cameron meets Smith, Keynes, and Laffer

Once again we have proof of the Laffer Curve, and proof that Progressives are not capable of learning from history. Continue reading

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