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Prepper Cuisine – Sardine Pho Vietnamese Noodles

How to prepare a very nice lunch from foods that store very well (for years) and are not very expensive. In this case, using packaged Vietnamese Pho noodle bowls, and adding a protein to it such as canned sardines or meats. Continue reading

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Laugh or Cry?- And Then They Came For The Kettle…

First they came for the vacuum cleaner, and I said nothing… but now they come for The Kettle!. Stand now, or the fate of nations hangs in the balance. Revolution will surely follow an attack on The Kettle and The Smartphone. Young and old alike will take up arms (and biscuits)! Continue reading

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DIY Tea looks attainable without all that much trouble, though there are really excessively complex versions of the process for some specialty Chinese teas. Continue reading

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