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Bias Or Corruption Of Temperatures

A couple of nice videos that together give a very good overview of why the historical temperature data are so screwed up and an insight into a little bit of the methods. (Cool the past, warm the present, drop stations that don’t show warming, “homogenize” urban warming stations into the missing station space, adjust, adjust, adjust…) Continue reading

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Well That Was Fun, sort of…

The temperature downloading station is now working nicely, even if there were a couple of new bumps in the road along the way. Continue reading

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GHCN v1 vs V3 1990 to date Anomalies

The GHCN V3 data have a greater warming slope than the v1 data for the same years (ending in 1990) and for the “all data” selection. This is done with a very pure kind of anomaly processing and shows that there is bias to warming the data for what is supposedly a settled past. Continue reading

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