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A Rather Good Presentation On The Dark Web

A TED talk that explains what the Dark Web really is, why it isn’t bad as portrayed by the media, and why it is essential for our privacy and security in the future. Continue reading

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Building A Nearly Tails Raspbian Pi

A modestly amnesiac and modestly incognito and modestly secure modestly cheap computer system. While it still needs a fair amount of work to get everything locked down and turned into a fully TAILS like environment; I think this is good enough to use “as is” for a fair degree of privacy and security at a reasonable price. Continue reading

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Pi Tor Not So Easy, but maybe found a good VPN-TOR service

Tails of Woe from TOR Wars, easy DIY routing done, and an interesting combined VPN to TOR service provider out of the USA. Continue reading

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ARMing Tails – An Incremental Raspberry? Pi please…

How hard would it be, really, to port TAILS to a Raspberry Pi ? Both use Debian as their base, so the Debian versions of TAILS “upstream” already exists as an ARM port to the Pi. There is an Onion Router (TOR) already ported. Looks like a “glue, prune, and QA” mostly to me… But it’s never as easy as first blush expects… Continue reading

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