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Chuckling At Globalists Going “Splody Heads” Over Trump Visit

A minor rant about The Media in general and Sky News & France 24 in particular, about their coverage of the Trump State Dinner & Visit to the UK. Continue reading

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UK Thought Crime Wave!

It would seem that in the UK, it is against the law to offend someone. Like that’s gonna work out well. Continue reading

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Is The UK Behind “Russiagate”?

Is the UK, perhaps in coordination with the EU (and the Democrats) behind the “Russia Did It!” Russiagate issue and investigation? Continue reading

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Gun Bans Lead To — Knife “Control”

The UK bans guns. London goes to a very high murder rate. “Knife Control” now on the agenda. (Soon to be followed by “Pokey Thing Control”, “Running With Scissors Control”, and “Wooden Stick Control”… Continue reading

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