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Gun Bans Lead To — Knife “Control”

The UK bans guns. London goes to a very high murder rate. “Knife Control” now on the agenda. (Soon to be followed by “Pokey Thing Control”, “Running With Scissors Control”, and “Wooden Stick Control”… Continue reading

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Tit For Tat Tariff – Who Wins?

A brief questioning of the notion that tariffs are all bad all the time and that China has little motivation to give in. Continue reading

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Hey UK! Dr. Viner! The Kids DO Know What Snow Is Now.

Snow is now covering lots of the UK. Despite Dr. “Wet Pants” Viner proclaiming the children won’t know what snow is, I’m pretty sure they do. May the storm pass quickly and teach the lesson of snow quickly. Continue reading

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UK Under Islamic Attack

The UK is in a war with islam, it just doesn’t know it… yet. Continue reading

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