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UK Under Islamic Attack

The UK is in a war with islam, it just doesn’t know it… yet. Continue reading

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Middle East Trip- US President Shares Military Secrets With RUSSIANS!!

The USA President has met with the UK Prime Minister and the Russian Leader to share military secrets and strategy for the demise of Europe as it has been for the prior few decades. Photo evidence! Continue reading

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And The Lion Roared Again…

Audacity needs not introduction. Audacity takes the stage and announces itself. To Nigel, who understands “the World”! Continue reading

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Dear British Parliament

Dear UK Parliament Pot, please meet UK Kettle at the Cultural Suicide Cafe for tea and cakes… Continue reading

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EU Wankers gone mad…

And interesting and fun look at PC Gone Wild and the UK POV on it. Continue reading

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EWA 10 Years of Australia Rules…

It looks like Australia and Canada and likely other places that “sell stuff to China” are the net winners in the global financial games… Continue reading

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Where The UV Goes…

Thinking about where the UV goes, and how the reduced quantity now changes things. Continue reading

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