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COP24 – It Is All About 3rd World Development $$

Looks like the UN COP24 folks are moving on to “Hydro-diplomacy” as their new Climate Hook – they want to control the water now too. Further, the idea is that C.C. isn’t about climate anymore, it is about Economic Development, and Africa is most “at risk” from whatever… so send money… Continue reading


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Bolton Unloads on UN ICC

John Bolton let’s one rip at the ICC kangaroo court as it attempts (or mumbles about attempting) to investigate and rule where it has no legal authority and in conflict with national sovereignty. Continue reading

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Is Every Global Organization Corrupt?

Are all Global Organizations fundamentally anti-Democratic and corrupt? I can’t think of any that are my friend… Continue reading

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Leaving UN, One Blob At A Time

US leaving UN one commission at a time… Continue reading

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