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Well, Things Faster Without Ads – DNS

A pleasant discovery of an ad blocking DNS provider along with a listing of many other DNS providers. Continue reading

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News Bits and Misc. Stuff

I’m going to take the ‘saved links’ for several different things and put them in one posting. In some cases they don’t justify a posting on their own, in others it’s just more effective to “get ‘r done” than sit … Continue reading

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Dear Sony (and any other company wanting security)

I’ve been hoping for a bit more detail on how the “hack” (really a “crack” or break-in) was done. I’m not particularly fond of spouting off about what was done ‘wrong’ when I don’t know just what was done. But … Continue reading

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Remote Desktop control from Android phones

An interesting remote computer control program for Android phones that uses VNC Virtual Network Computing to control a remote machine from your phone. Plus some comments on ways to get a bit more security with multiple machines and redirection. Continue reading

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