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Euros, Deflation, and Greece

The Economist thinks that the EU is headed for deflation and the cure is for governments to print more money and spend it with cronies of government and companies with large lobbyist departments (i.e. on ‘infrastructure’ projects) while ignoring the impact of high taxation rates and heavy burdensome regulatory environments. Continue reading

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What Does Economic / Political Collapse Look Like?

An interesting write up of a perspective on the collapse of the FSU, and what an American collapse might expect, if similar. Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On Russia

Is it useful to look at the present world stage through the lens of prior Empires? Continue reading

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As The Money Tree Grows

What do money supply and velocity of money say about the world economy? Not good, IMHO. Continue reading

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FXI China vs FXE EU vs USA

A broad tour of some global stock markets and a short look at what seems to be 2 ‘pivot points’ driven by political events. Continue reading

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