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The Good, The Bad, and The Slow

The Good, The Bad, and The Slow on some Tech Topics. BSD on Pi, USB disk,… Continue reading

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Do Not Buy Sandisk USB Sticks.

Seems that SanDisk as a serious “miss feature” in their firmware that bricks your USB Stick if it doesn’t see exactly what it expects. The claim is it does this protect your data, the reality is it makes the device a POS brick. Continue reading

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Well That Was Fun, sort of…

The temperature downloading station is now working nicely, even if there were a couple of new bumps in the road along the way. Continue reading

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Monster Crushes, PNY freezes, USB Sticks as Home Directory

Individual USB “Stick” memory can have a very different behaviours under testing, despite similar performance on some tests or specs. When using one for privacy of personal files, test it first. Continue reading

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