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How “Hackable” Is The US Military? Who’s Watching You Shop?

How to give great video surveillance to your opponents? How about buy their equipment? Or just buy domestic equipment with known vulnerabilities. Continue reading

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Why I Love YouTube Even If It Is Fxxx up On Conservatives

I enjoy a variety of music videos in many languages, and that seems to confuse the YouTube pigeon hole algorithm. Continue reading

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Tony Heller – The Imaginary Climate Crisis

A really nice collection of PANIC! articles from the past as Alarmists tried to herd folks based on various imagined horrors – that never came to be. Continue reading

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Prof. Bob Carter on Global Warming Science

A very very good video by Professor Bob Carter doing a wonderful talk covering everything from Geological perspective to flawed science to the financial folly (with emphasis on Australian politics as he’s from Down Under). A very effective speaker. Continue reading

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