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Served Cold: 51st. State- Hong Kong

A modest suggestion, served cold, to improve justice and global liberty… Continue reading

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Yet Another Government Corruption or Medical Fringe?

An interesting interview with an M.D. who was crushed for finding out there were major problems with vaccine quality and that causing many chronic illnesses. Or just a grump. Fauci as Evil, or perhaps as guardian of clean science. Given recent evidence for rampant government corruption, I have trouble just accepting Fauci based on a “trust me”… Continue reading

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Know, Ask

Some facts and questions about Chinese Wuhan Covid disease Continue reading

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States, Counties, Cities, Personal – You Are On Self Rescue Now

The W.H.O. is either lying, or horribly wrong in their advice. The CDC is at best misleading and causing more cases by discouraging mask use. The only places that have stopped this virus are all using masks. It is now up to States, Counties, Cities and individuals to “self rescue” and do the right things to protect themselves. Continue reading

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