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Mesh VPN for P2P Networked Services

What to do when faced with political attacks on internet free speech and deplatforming of conservative or other voices? There’s tech for that… Continue reading

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Pushed into a VPN…

Petty “rule makers” and mindless bureaucrats along with “suits with no tech savy” manage to “annoy the geek”, who responds with a “30 minute bypass” of them… How to set up a free VPN very very quickly… Continue reading

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Pi Tor Not So Easy, but maybe found a good VPN-TOR service

Tails of Woe from TOR Wars, easy DIY routing done, and an interesting combined VPN to TOR service provider out of the USA. Continue reading

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Interesting Secure Android Phone Internet

An interesting security enhancement for Android phones; and some thoughts on the way to build a secure infrastructure behind it. Continue reading

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