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I’m going to take the ‘saved links’ for several different things and put them in one posting. In some cases they don’t justify a posting on their own, in others it’s just more effective to “get ‘r done” than sit … Continue reading

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Why Land Air Temperature is Exactly Wrong

It isn’t CO2 and IR that matters. It is water and UV. How the planets stir the sun, and cause the moon to stir our oceans. That can account for all the observed changes, both recently and in the past, and predicts our future.

It is the mass of the oceans that control the air temperatures, not some IR from a gas. This is observed in present land temperature patterns. Water determines temperatures, not CO2. Continue reading

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The True Sign of Water Vapor Feedback is Negative

The climate models have the sign backwards on water feedback. They look only at the IR nature of water vapor, do a lousy job of clouds (or none at all) and the result is that the actual negative feedback of water gets turned into a positive water vapor feedback in the models. A horrid error. Easily observed. Continue reading

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Water, Kevlar, Boom Suppression

Some ideas I’ve had on explosion defensive barriers and devices. Continue reading

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Water Battery

A crazy idea, based on some odd properties of water. Continue reading

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