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A Walk In The Grass, on Cement, and Asphalt

What a walk in the grass and on the pavement can tell you about warming. Continue reading

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Water World

A very nice page with graphs and calculations showing water is what matters, not CO2. Continue reading

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Drought, or Stupid Rescue Killing Delta Smelt?

Is the Delta Smelt dying off from the drought, or from Stupid Government Actions? To me, it looks like “your government at work”… and flushing water out the bay won’t fix it. Continue reading

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Dry and Drought in the Middle East?

Is history shaping up for a repeat of the classical droughts that brought down empires like the Egyptian, Akkadian, and Hittite? Continue reading

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Interesting Ersatz Drip Irrigation

An interesting idea for watering the garden, plus some ideas on derivatives from it. Continue reading

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