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Does 5 GHz Disrupt Sleep?

Some recent oscillations of our use of 5 GHz WiFi routers seem to correlate with insomnia and other neurological oscillations. Is 5 GHz causal of insomnia and other health issues? Continue reading

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WiFi Based Push-To-Talk And Mesh Networks

Some ideas and pointers to how to set up a local area WiFi HotSpot based Push To Talk (PTT) Radio Network using only cell phones, tablets, or similar computers and a WiFi Router Access Point – with a free application or two. Continue reading

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Well, That Was Fun – R.Pi routing WiFi to HotSpot

Building a contorted network that gets my tablet to the internet via 2 WiFi hops and an LTE / Cell link. Continue reading

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Open Source Routers Take An FCC Hit

The FCC has decided to lock down your router firmware and thus kill DIY open router projects like OpenWRT. Continue reading

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