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Articles with a long term perspective on Climate.

Movie: Phil Valentine’s An Inconsistant Truth

An effective movie presenting the sceptics case. Show it to the propaganda afflicted that you know. “An Inconsistant Truth” Continue reading

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Liz Wheeler: 10 Reasons Not To Believe Climate Change Criers

Liz Wheeler from OANN presents 10 reasons to be skeptical of AGW, but not the usual ones… Continue reading

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Tinyhouse Prepper Does A Nice Summary Of Global Warming BS

A ‘Tinyhouse Prepper’ looks at Global Warming and finds he needs to prepare for a Grand Solar Minimum, Global Cooling, and crop losses. Continue reading

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Tony Heller – The Imaginary Climate Crisis

A really nice collection of PANIC! articles from the past as Alarmists tried to herd folks based on various imagined horrors – that never came to be. Continue reading

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