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The world of warfare just changed. Big ships or shiny ships to return?

The US Navy has put a ship based laser weapon into operational (deployed) status. This changes the face of warfare in many ways. Continue reading

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Fox (and CNN to some extent) on the wrong side of vaccination

A short rant about the stupidity of the present ranting about Measles and the desire by power mongers to have forced vaccination. Continue reading

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Some Online TV Links

A collection of links to free online TV stations. Some news oriented, some Portuguese, and a few Religious – including an online Mass or two. Continue reading

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Climate Change to Cause Kidney Stones

What can’t Global Warming cause? It can even directly make you sick with kidney stones!!! Oh, the horrors! Continue reading

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New Yorkers and New Jersey not dumb…

New York and New Jersey start down the quarantine path… Continue reading

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