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PC Pushback Gaining Steam?

Speaking “Comedy To Power”, David Chapelle has a good time kicking some P.C. Doctrine Ass… and the outrage mob hates it. (Sounds like a show worth watching to me ;-) Continue reading

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Antifa Tactics, Video Of Knife Attack, & Defense Strategy

An interesting video, in 360 Panorama Vision, of an Antifa Swam / Mob attacking a person doing nothing at all offensive or in any way causal. (Standing, passively, with a bike). Some discussion of tactics and preparation options. Continue reading

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Because Children Always Know What’s Best For Adults…

Greta does a number on the truth in her boat ride.
Tony Heller does a number on her boat ride and the truth. Continue reading

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Epstein & Mossad?

Was Epstein an “agent” of some intelligence agencies? Continue reading

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