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Ancient in particular, but by necessity involving current ways to know how much of something something is or has.

A Tale Of Two Tunas – Chicken o.t. Sea beats StarKist

Bench testing tuna shows Chicken Of The Sea puts a full can in, while StarKist is 1/2 ounce lighter on the actual tuna. Continue reading

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Mintaka, Orion, Equinox

Making a Henge, part one. The Solstices and Equinox lines. East / West and North / South determination and marking. An initial Solar Calendar. The start of the compass rose with equal 60 degree segment marking. You are now oriented in time and space and know when to party on Holidays. ;-) Continue reading

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5 Weeks to the End Of The World

The end is neigh! The Maya say we have 5 weeks left! (Though ‘the end of what’ is a bit vague…) Continue reading

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A Fun Egyptian Portable Sundial

How to make a simple, elegant, and effective portable sundial that is easy to use. Continue reading

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Degrees of Degrees

Some thoughts on the joys of Fahrenheit and the conceit of Celsius and the demise of degrees Kelvin. Continue reading

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Oct, Nov, Dec, 8 9 10, tenth eleventh twelfth months?

Why is Decem, 10, the 12th month? And what can Ethiopia teach us? Continue reading

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Bogus BMI – Body Mass Index

The BMI is a broken method of assessing health risk and ‘overweight’. It’s just bogus, in many ways. As a way to measure body fat and health risks, it’s just so wrong. Continue reading

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