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Stories of a non-technical human interest sort. Comedies, Tragedies, etc.

News Bits and Misc. Stuff

I’m going to take the ‘saved links’ for several different things and put them in one posting. In some cases they don’t justify a posting on their own, in others it’s just more effective to “get ‘r done” than sit … Continue reading

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And Then The Gremlins Came For The Internet

A short update on my status and a bit of overview of current events Continue reading

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Are the Leaders of the Global Warming Movement Sociopaths?

A short “muse” on just what kinds of personalities seem to be at the head of the Global Warming operations. Just my opinion as a layman, mind you. Continue reading

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The Joys Of Bit Rot

The joys of restarting a technical shop / office after a long time of neglect… Continue reading

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OTRA – Expect Brevity

I’m going to be “bi coastal’ and On The Road Again for the next few weeks (months?) as the adventure of life gets another dice roll. Expect more sparse and terse postings and comments. Continue reading

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