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Stories of a non-technical human interest sort. Comedies, Tragedies, etc.

The Serf On Soros

A recommendation for a Beththeserf article about Soros, Popper, Hegel and Marx; and that path that leads through them to global disruptions groups today. Continue reading

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A Na’vi Walks Into A Bar….

So what’s the night life like on a Friday at Disney Springs? How was Pandora? What about off-site or a trip report from the Space Coast? Continue reading

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Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! Continue reading

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Local Icon – Mustang Ranch (cars) Closed

Mustang Ranch care repair on El Camino is no more. It has recandled to a new location; replaced by Condos and places with no soul in the European Tradition. Continue reading

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