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Stories of a non-technical human interest sort. Comedies, Tragedies, etc.

End Of Germany?

Is Germany doomed to demographic extinction? Will German language and culture evaporate from the planet in the next generation? Likely yes, given present demographic trends. Does women’s lib mean the downfall of western civilization? Er… that one I have to think about… Continue reading

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F.Y.I.: I have a code in my node…

Nothing to worry about, I’m just not posting a lot right now as I have sniffles. Continue reading

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Micro-Spherical Rain vs Flat Land and Fictional Sky

What can virga and the geometry of rain provide in the way of insight? Enough to matter, I think. Continue reading

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Which Of These Flags Is Racist?

A test – which of these two flags is racist? Continue reading

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Lost Angeles and Me

Life, Death, or Los Angeles? Your choice…. Continue reading

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Truckers Chapel

Only in America… the roadside Truck Stop Chapel in a truck… Continue reading

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Way Cute Cop/Kid picture and “Aww…” Story

Just a bit of an “Awww” moment. Nothing but an emotional sop… Continue reading

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