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Stories of a non-technical human interest sort. Comedies, Tragedies, etc.

Netflix – Black Mirror

Are the “Netflix Original” shows any good? What drives viewer choices and how I’m making mine. What to do, what to do… Continue reading

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The Surprising Cost of Dental Implants, and the “Upselling” Chain

How much does it cost to get a single tooth “implant” in San Jose (really the office was in Sunnyvale) California? Well, you can find out right after you agree to buy it… Continue reading

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Jim Morrison, Val Kilmer, The Doors, Amazon, and 1971, who knew

Jim Morrison, The Doors, Val Kilmer, Amazon and more… Continue reading

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When do you “talk truth to stupid”? Really…

How do you argue with The Incredible Power Of Stupid when by definition it does not care, nor understand, argument? Continue reading

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From Dish Soap to Geopolymer to Explosives, Oh My!

How does “green” dish washing cleaners relate to geopolymer chemistry and explosives? Well, it’s all about no phosphates and trying to find replacements in silicates and percarbonates… Continue reading

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Thank You UPS – a DILF Moment, maybe…

It is amusing how life doesn’t repeat, but it very much does rhyme… Continue reading

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An Interesting Blood Sugar Experiment – Type 2 D

Gee, eat less sugar and do more stuff makes your blood sugar drop… Cram your face with pounds of sugar and do nearly nothing, it goes high. In vs out vs balance… Continue reading

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