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Stories of a non-technical human interest sort. Comedies, Tragedies, etc.

Yet Another Cross Country Trip – Report

This trip was a little different, but not a whole lot. There were a couple of “Lessons Learned”, but not much new. Still, some of interest. The purpose was to pre-position a car in Florida so that we (me or … Continue reading

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Tri-Corner Road Trip

On the road again on a 3 Cornered Tour. Silly Con Valley / SFO to Chicago ORD to Orlando MCO. But by car ;-) Continue reading

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4th Of July – Independence Day! BBQ & Such

Notes on our 4th of July Independence Day fixings and doings. Continue reading

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Did We Hit Our Cultural Peak In 1984?

Was 1984 the peak of USA / Western Civilization? I think maybe so… Continue reading

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