I’m moving to online TV. Why? Well, for one thing, bundles of TV has become a bit of a wasteland. So I’ve had the motivation at a low level “for a while”. Now I’m more motivated:

AT&T has bought DirecTV, my supplier of TV services, and if history is any guide, service will go down, prices will go up, and I’ll be unhappy in about a year. I’ve already had two very “negative surprises”. First, despite several times saying “That price is for EVERYTHING, Right? INCLUDING DirecTV?” during my “conversion” to a bundle, the bill came and the quoted price was for “internet only” and the DirecTV cost was additional. Then, in the mail some days or weeks later, came the “surprise” of a 2 year “lock in”. Not disclosed during the phone call… (My DSL had died and I allowed myself to be ‘upsold’ on their bundle instead of just sticking with “Fix It.”). So roped into about $100/mo more than expected and with probable service degradation in the future…

OK, a 2 year timer started. So I’ve got about a year to settle on their replacement. Thus, this page. I’ll be accumulating Internet TV links here so it’s ‘way easy’ to get to them from any of my devices wherever I am in the world.

Programs and Channels

Listed by groups. Sports, Religion, News, Internet bundlers (who cross list many of the detail channels that I break out for my clicking convenience below), etc. etc. At the very top is a list (that duplicates some of the below services) of channels (also) provided via a YouTube Channel. This works in some browsers and one some platforms where the other sources do not.

Alternative Video non-Youtube

Real Video has had a name change, it is now:

Invidious is a an open source front end to YouTube that hides commercials and blocks tracking:

(Github entry here: )

Youtube Channels

BBC Not Live:

DW News:

Fox (Not live):

(there was a live Fox feed, but it evaporated. Perhaps it was clandestine? Who knows…)



RT – Russia Today (not live):

SKY News:

Alternative Broadcaster

Not your traditional TV Networks. Typically small, some, like Periscope, are “Citizen Provided” programming. They often have a ‘feedback’ feature where you can send a text snip to the broadcaster.

Trump TV via Facebook

(with an annoying pop up ‘log in to avoid this crap’ that only partly goes away if you decline to log in):


Periscope: Citizen Journalists & Performers.

Rightside Broadcasting: live and recorded events with a right POV. Choose live events, video archive, or their Shows.

Got News: seems mostly oriented to print, but includes a YouTube channel:

I’m putting PBS here as it isn’t a typical commercial broadcaster but is ‘viewer supported’ (along with tax dollars…)

I’m also putting Deutsche Welle here as they have a variety of shows and remind me of PBS in tone and web site design:

DW Deutsche Welle. OK, first off, you click on the “TV” tab up top (that is faded out as you land on a different tab by default). That gives this odd looking URL at the moment. We’ll see if it changes over time:

DW also has a ‘live news’ link, that I’ll put under the news tab down below.

Internet Bundles & Bundlers has an extensive listing of channels, sorted by category along the left panel. I’ll be adding some of their specific lists, such as news, under headings here (at least until I sort out the specific channels I wish to highlight directly). It includes many local US stations under various topic headings. List of 200 stations around the world, French and English

Uptream has a LOT of detail in their lower menues. From “Live free” to comparisons of paid satellite providers. Worth wandering around. As I find things there I care about, I’ll add specific links in categories here. Your preference may differ, so “hit the link”. Be advised the top level tries to sell you their commercial streaming services, so you need to hunt a little for the video.
They have a bunch of channels, including the NASA channel in this grouping, here:

Lots of channels and categories listed. (h/t Larry Ledwick in a comment here.



From France (h/t LG in comments) includes some US and other stations: (“free”.com)



Football – American

Recorded football games (h/t tucsonaustrian):


Football – Rest Of World (USA Soccer)

From, with h/t:

A C Osborn says:
28 September 2016 at 5:34 pm (Edit)
Sport Internet Channels (they are predominantly Soccer as that is what we watch most in the UK)

Some do not like Ad Blockers and some require joining for free.



Catholic and Catholic Mass:

Has various programs for a Catholic audience, including drama, mass, and some in Spanish along with the English:

Mass via Upstream:

Non-Catholic / Misc:

United Christian Broadcasters (from the UK and no, I don’t know who they are, just here due to my curiousity)

I think these folks were more evangelical. Now with “new” Pop Up nag for a ‘free’ book that doesn’t go away on reload, so I’ll not be watching them until that is gone:

“Love World”… again, just curious as it is from the UK.

Not TV, But useful if watching Religious shows:

All those funny names of places got you down? Want to know where they are? Here’s your Biblical atlas:

They are using some weird Bible version you don’t own? A nice way to get a Bible with variations on line, since if you are watching services on line they may be using a version different from yours:


Financial Channels


Live News

General USA networks



USA centric aggregator list

From the UK

h/t to LG in comments below for:

Sky News:
(While LG says some places blocked and to watch via VPN, I’m getting it clear and live in California It is now blocked ‘in my location’; go figure… I did have a popup ‘accept cookies?’ that froze the video even after clicking ‘yes’ and I needed a reload on the Chromebox.) It looks like their geolocation “has issues” sporadically…

From France

Frnace24: (Mostly in English…)

Direct to the

France24: en français

h/t to LG in comments below for:

BMF TV en direct (in French):

iTélé en direct (in French)

From Germany

The Russia Today Cluster

(Presently running very high quality video from inside Allepo. Why I like them, they get to places other folks can’t.)

RT America:


RT Documentaries:

Global Aggregator:


Canned News Stories

Often “you pick” so you can pick your topic, but rarely really fast news.

(has tabs where you can narrow your geography to parts of the world)

Claims live, but looks like packaged stories to me, Euronews:
(This may get moved to the aggregator listing once examined)


Various Local TV Stations, by Region

Due to licencing issues, the local station usually can not webcast the various series and movies they licence from content owners, nor the national sports leagues games. For that reason, these links usually just show local news, weather, sports, or anything that they have created locally. You can find stations for most areas via a web search on: “online TV {name_of_city}”. There are way more than I can list here.

The South

Florida, Orlando:

Georgia, Atlanta:

Kentucky, Lexington?:

La., New Orleans: but it looks like the videos are all here:

Texas, Waco (Central):

The West

California, Los Angeles:

California, Los Angeles, Ch.4:

East BosWash / NYC

Boston: for canned videos, live, that is only up “sometimes” here:

Midwest / Chicago






Claims to want Microsoft Silverlight installed for out of time sync viewing (has limited hours). As Silverlight is evil, I’d avoid it. Also a Honolulu station:

Honolulu. Olelo Community TV: Claims to demand a login at the top level, but this link worked…


National / Language Stations I have viewed and worked

This list will reflect my language interests. Those are mostly French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Feel free to point me at others in tips.


(Also via under ‘news’ down below)


The .pt is Portugal while .br is Brazil.

I’ve used all these Portuguese links without issue, or at least, none that I noticed ;-)

A list of more links here:

Euronews em Portuguese:

Not TV, but a newspaper, IIRC:

BBC em Portuguese:

Requires Account / Login / “Authentication” / Payments/ Whatever…

Looks like RFDTV has some live content, but nags for a ROKU account or “Sign In to the Country Club or make an account”. RFDTV is a Rural America and Farmers channel:


CSPAN: Sometimes live, often recorded.

Two that are like cable but cheaper and without the cable:



Then there is the time honored Netflix. Low cost on the go movies and series. Also useless for news or other live events:



You must login with your “provider” info
i.e. already have it on paid Cable or Satellite

OK, it’s a “service” I guess… but not for “Cord Cutters” dropping out of that paradigm. So I’m listing it down here near the bottom. It exists, but of what use is it to me? Not much, it seems…

Fox News:

Fox Biz:

DirecTV is already mergered by The Death Star AT&T, while CNN and TCM are under the merger gun now… Oh well, I can easily live without them…

(Gives me an ‘error reload’ on the Chromebox… it’s “special”… Works on Tablet in Opera.)

TCM Requires login with you provider ID. As part of Time Warner, being absorbed by AT&T so who knows what the future holds.

DirecTV lets those who are buying the service at home get it while “on the road”, kinda sorta… Not live, but saved / time delayed:

Fine for series (though I was watching Dexter one week late when ‘on the road’… kind of a pain if you are only on the road for a few days and do not want to miss THIS WEEK’s episode of a suspense murder mystery… Can you say “Unclear on the concept?”… Also a bit useless for news.

The Debates

This is a temporary heading. I’m pasting in here some links to where the US Presidential Debate will be available in a few hours…

h/t to Philjourdan, we get:

That points at these places (eventually to be sorted into categories after the debates): (Oct. 4th) (Oct. 9th) (Oct. 19th)

Much of this bit is just a ‘grab’ from the linked article, to be cleaned up later. I’ve unrolled some of the links a bit and posted the link text so it’s easy to see where you are going before you click:

Facebook (coverage provided by ABC News)

Snapchat (via Live Story, which will include media clips, volunteer clips, and so on)

Twitter (coverage provided by Bloomberg)

YouTube (in the YouTube Live section:

you’ll find coverage provided by Bloomberg, Fox News, NBC, PBS, Telemundo, and The Washington Post)

Quoting their text:

In addition to catching the coverage on the aforementioned social media platforms, you can also visit the follow websites, presented in alphabetical order, for live streaming coverage and commentary. Sites that typically require authentication for access to their broadcast video (like usually have relaxed the authentication requirement for the debates, so you can watch even if you don’t have cable.

Prior Postings

First off, the prior posting links. I’ll eventually incorporate their links here, sorted and with details, but for now, just the links. Oh, and expect this page to evolve over time and do not expect it to be a finished product for months to years. Order will take time to grow.:

An older posting on Internet TV. From 2012, so may be dated. I’m going to fish through it and pull the current links into this page as specific types.:

From a couple of years later, as I was “on the road” and needed some specialized things (like Catholic Mass and Brazilian stations) along with general interest. I’ll also be fishing through it and pulling links up into categories here.

Then there is WUWT TV (on-air sometimes) from a TV show Anthony Watts did:

Experimental / Foreign From Here On Down


Stuff from here on down is not vetted in any way.

I Have No Idea If These Sites Are Virus Ridden Or Not

I’ve done no reputational search, nor have I tested the sited (run it with a sniffer on the network, run it on a testing / isolated platform). I’ve stumbled on these links, and, for now, they are here as “need proving up” at best.

Being from outside the USA, and names I don’t know:
I have no idea who these folks are.

At best, I’ve run one or two as a test case and even then only on the Chromebox (which I consider fairly hardened compared to MS and which is 100% ‘disposable’ config so I’m happy to just press ‘reset to factory’ anytime).

Non-United States – English & Mixed or Unknown

Non-United States – Foreign Language

This list will reflect my language interests. Those are mostly French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Feel free to point me at others in tips.


Either this next one, or the after it, caused the browser in the Chromebox to give “unresponsive script” warnings and act a bit doggy after a test run of the link. I rebooted to clear (as is my standard action when “something seems wrong” after an untested link – it can disrupt a script attack before it completes…). You have been warned (and feedback welcome if you are brave enough to test them in an isolated kit). A collection of movies. The site is French, but I’m not sure what all languages might be in all the movies. Some links refused to connect. Some have “activate your account to view”. Basically, this is The Wild West in terms of vetting, so use care. Mostly here as a “Dig Here!” someday when I have time to watch movies ;-)


Mexican TV:

Either or the ‘free movies’ under French above, caused the browser in the Chromebox to give “unresponsive script” warnings and act a bit doggy after a test run of the link. I rebooted to clear (as is my standard action when “something seems wrong” after an untested link – it can disrupt a script attack before it completes…). You have been warned (and feedback welcome if you are brave enough to test them in an isolated kit). Not explored yet. May need ‘activation’ and not vetted.


Future Links TBD

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    I’ve added Bloomberg live to the list, so now have Bloomberg running on my Tablet.

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