Oh My! (Where Net Wanders Lead…)

It started off innocently enough. I was deathly tired of Netflix. I was tuning my WiFi for minimum power and shifting the channel to one that might have less congestion while hopefully coupling less well to things like hearts and internal organs.. and just got fed up with the formulaic EVERY SINGLE NETFLIX ORIGINAL having the same formula (put people in stupid peril, unlikely person does something, peril kept away; rinse and repeat) and an absurdly mixed cast… so went looking for diversion on the internet.

So why use Netflix? Well, it has this feature that it tells you the baud rate and resolution you are getting to the TV. Useful for tuning, well, baud rate and resolution. Besides, I’ve not yet cancelled them so might as well use it while I’ve got it. So I was using “Lost In Space”, where two white parents have a black daughter; who’s getting involved with a Hispanic guy, while the other white daughter just kissed the Indian guy… Yeah, you might wonder. But it is way worse than that. Overall it looks like the have had a check list for every single racial and ethnic category and assured each one gets a check mark. They must do gender swaps too, so “Dr. Smith”, you know, ZACHARY Smith, is now a woman… hope he didn’t mind the change. Oh, did I mention the black daughter looks to be about 16 but is an M.D.? Of course… But it has lots of detail in the images and gives the compression and transmission gear a workout. But I reached my treacle limit… And had my tuning answers.

Before entering diabetic shock, I decided to seek medication for the soul on the internet.

So after a few links I was on Small Dead Animals. (A favorite, BTW). And one comment led to another and I ended up on a rather fascinating site. I can’t do justice to describe to, so it’s just going to be a pointer and some quotes.


Halls Of Macadamia
(wish I didn’t know now… what I didn’t know then)

Life’s little mysteries

UPDATE: Feeling safer yet?

Khamzat Asimov, the suspect in a deadly knife attack in central Paris on Saturday evening, born in 1997 in Chechnya was on a French terrorist watch list.

Yup… here we go again…

The police said the attacker was armed with a knife, but gave no other details.

French media reported that two people are dead, and BFM television said one of them is the alleged attacker. The motive or reason for the attack was unclear.

Which was echoed by the CBC…

“The identity of the attack suspect and the reason for the attack are unclear.”


UPDATE: Oh, wait… I think there’s a clue!

“A witness told The Independent the assailant was shouting “Allahu akbar” and trying to get into restaurants as diners barricaded the doors.”

Chechnya, Chechnya… that sounds so familiar.

Ah, so refreshing. Seasoned with some salty cynicism, the bite of fresh citrus tartness, the savory richness of simmering sarcasm. The perfect remedy for drowning in PC Treacle.

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13 Responses to Oh My! (Where Net Wanders Lead…)

  1. H.R. says:

    “A witness told The Independent the assailant was shouting “Allahu akbar” and trying to get into restaurants as diners barricaded the doors.”

    Hearsay. Ignore the witness. 😜

  2. Larry Ledwick says:

    It was obviously just a salesman trying to talk to the proprietor of the restaurants to sell them new salad bar equipment.

  3. ossqss says:

    Perhaps they just misinterpreted what he said ?

    Maybe he was trying to get the attention of those inside by saying “All a you at the bar”.

    Bar the doors instead of droping him to the floor? I don’t remember off hand… Are the French disarmed like the Brits?

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    “Are the French disarmed like the Brits?”

    That saddens me so much… Oh Well, the EU / UK can serve as an object lesson in why “gun control” does not work. We’ve had something similar here in Kalifornia as LAWS! “made us safe” by assuring we could not get “assault weapons” (that are not assault weapons just ugly guns) nor “high capacity magazines”… so the San Bernardino couple had to actually (GASP!) break an ordinance!!!! before going on a suicidal murderous rampage…

    Thus my pointing out that nobody is ever actually disarmed unless they choose to be:

    Confronted by a Perp with a knife, I have “enough” training to know what to do. Karate – empty hand – an art that developed in response to an earlier weapons ban… I also would not run. I would asses my available material and choose my weapon, then attack. Even just the shirt on my back. (See Jackie Chan in some movie or other. Wonderful example of turning a shirt into a knife trapping flexible weapon.) My shirt is my garrotte too… My belt a flail. My pen a dirk. My chair a shield and spear and club… Even if buck naked on bare cement for a mile in all directions, I’ve practiced knife “take aways”. I hope the training was correct…

    “I come to you with Empty Hands. Kara-TE!

    I am never disarmed.


    Something I fear the French and modern Brits will need to learn all over again…

    The world is full of crap and people who want you dead. Disarming yourself is never an improvement on the situation.

    But hey, maybe you are right. He was just misunderstood. He was really shouting:

    “All of you at the bar!” preparatory to asking who wanted a drink “on him”…

  5. ossqss says:

    You bet EM. We are never disarmed if we hold a proper mindset, no matter the location. Heck, the old style salt and pepper shakers in restaurants can be devastating, no BS ;-)

    I can certainly say if I ever hear those words spoken in my presence, a preemptive strike will occur in short order. All I need is apprehension as legal justification.

    So perhaps restaurant furniture or tablewear as a weapon may be a good subject for a post? I see Ninja sugar packets in my future. •¿•

  6. philjourdan says:

    Sidebar on the opening: Netflix promotes “Lost in Space” as a “Netflix Original”. Sorry, a remake is not an original!

    As for gun control, you do not have to go to England, France or even Oz (7 dead in mass shooting). Just go to Chicago or DC. Both with the toughest gun laws in these states. And also among the highest incidents of gun violence in these states.

  7. Jon K says:

    Not to promote your TV veg time habits, but Amazon Prime has some really good original programming. I’m currently watching “Bosch”, which is a pretty good crime/mystery show based on some Michael Connelly books.

    Also interesting was “All or Nothing” on Michigan football. Not as much of a sports show as a look behind the scenes of how a major college athletic program operates.

    Seems like there is plenty of other titles I found much more compelling than the Netflix lineup.

  8. beng135 says:

    I agree — almost no recent television/movie productions are any good. Comedy is dead too (except maybe Jeff Dunham). Everything is weepy, over-emotional and over-acted. Same w/most modern music. I don’t watch sports anymore other than golf (that’s still very good) and occasionally tennis.

  9. Another Ian says:

    Re “Halls of Macadamia”


    Just mentioning

  10. E.M.Smith says:

    @Jon K:

    We have Amazon Prime. I like it. Though I like CBS All Access a bit more and Fox Orville the most ;-)

    As I pointed out, Netfilx has the “feature” that I can get a bandwidth and resolution report real time from it. I’m “negotiating” with the spouse about dumping it. I’m ready, and she mostly watches CBS, but there’s some “issues” to work out…


    There is SO much in a restaurant that is lethal… Just the kitchen knives and pots is a whole story. (I have a “meat cleaver” that lives in the dish basket in my “front of house” kitchen. It is ONE “step to the right” (apologies to Rocky Horror…) and in grab range…)

    But yes, it’s ALL about the attitude. Until I was about 18 I didn’t have much attitude. Finally, after enough folks busting my chops and me asking “Excuse me, but I don’t like that, can you tell me why you want to hit me?”… I “got clue” and realized that sociopaths are not like me. So loaded me up a Giant Ass Full Of ATTITUDE!!! for use, as needed, where needed, when needed… On Demand.

    I’m your best buddy ever… until and unless you Piss Me Off with abuse. Then you best hold onto your balls ’cause I’m gonna rip ’em off and stomp on ’em. No BS. No exaggeration. Just fact. One too many jerks in my grill once too often.

    (Though, in fairness, there was this one AssHole who gave me grief in the bathroom of a Shark’s Hockey Game and then was stupid enough to push me from behind after we’d “done our business” and were out in the concourse. In 3 LARGE steps I was on him from behind as he tried to disappear, did a “rotate his mass” push to the shoulder, laid him face up on the ground and had a “Kill Shot” knife hand strike lined up on his throat with me “dominant over”… The look of stark fear in his face and not really wanting to defend a manslaughter conviction trial had me decide to let him live and just melt into the crowd, “be the shadow”.. but I do regret that weakness from time to time…)


    Yeah, that “sellers puff” rankles… Then again, it IS kind of original to have 2 white folks have a black daughter. Un-physical and very vapid, but original…

  11. jim2 says:

    My spouse was sedated when we got the $5/mo PBS access. Masterbate Theater and such.

  12. ossqss says:

    For those of you with Amazon Prime and shop at whole foods, check it out. I use Prime a bunch, but ya still gotta shop them on things. I just got a new non-replacable (not) battery for my tablet from Walmart instead of Amazon as an example.


  13. philjourdan says:

    “Then again, it IS kind of original to have 2 white folks have a black daughter. Un-physical and very vapid, but original”

    Actually that is a punch line to a very bad (and old) joke.

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