Megyn Kelly PC-PWNED

On some mindless TV discussion show a gaggle of women were talking about dressing up for Halloween. An example was presented of a white lady who was being race-shamed for dressing up as Dianna Ross. She had darkened her skin and had an oversized Afro hairdo.

This, it would seem, is supposed to indicate you are a racist bigot who likes to BBQ black babies and hang young black men from trees. It couldn’t possibly, you know, be that you LIKE Dianna Ross and admire her and want to dress up like her… ( /sarc; for the sarcasm challenged of the PC sort who might not understand otherwise).

Megyn was justifiably confused. So far it’s all “race baiter’s bad” as they are the ones off the deep end and she is being, well, reasonable and normal. Then she stepped in it. She said “What’s wrong with dressing up in black-face?”. Thus conflating dressing up AS a black PERSON with the stereotyped over the top theatrical makeup that was intended to poke fun (often hurtful “fun”) at black people. Two VERY different things.

Of course, a great Sensitivity-Shaming Virtue-Signally PC-Pwning erupted.

Then, to compound it more, instead of confronting the real issues, she apologizes. Completely missing the point that doing an Apology Tour just endorses the stupidity of race baiting, white-guilt mongering, sensitivity-shaming, and virtue-signalling attack goons from The Left.

NEVER EVER APOLOGIZE for just being a normal human being.
NEVER EVER APOLOGIZE for not being in touch with the latest Left Shaming Fads.

So what do I think ought to have been done?

1) Explain the difference between dressing up as Dianna Ross and doing theatrical Black-Face. Explain that the first is honoring someone and the second not so much…

2) Tell the hyperventilating adrenaline pumping eye-bugging foot stomping PC Brigade that they are entitled to their opinion, but no, you will not apologize for being a normal human being who isn’t in touch with their Volcanism Du Jour; that they need some IN-sensitivity training, and a lot more empathy for regular human beings.

3) State clearly (and slowly for the most dim) that Halloween is a time when we all get to dress up as crazy stuff and it’s OK for a white woman to dress up as Dianna Ross just like it is OK for a black kid to dress up as Superman (who WAS a white dude after all…). Heck, it’s even OK for two black guys to dress up in white face as white women and make a movie out of it. (See: White Chicks that was not exactly pro-whites. )

4) Suggest that those still offended probably need to do a visit to the shrink to see if they can get over this fixation they have with race and their phobia about folks who have gotten over it and gone past it into not really seeing the problem anymore. Being a bit race blind is a good thing.

Instead, Megyn has been pwned by the Race-Bating-Society and now will be carrying the RACIST!!!! (it is never in lower case when spoken by The Left…) brand FOREVER and must now spend hours grooming and growing her “White Guilt” until it is acceptably large enough for them to approve.

Hypersensitivity- Just say NO! (Firmly, but politely)

Remember: You are not responsible for the emotional reactivity of others. We are all owners of our internal state. Mental instability on their part is not a cause for change on your part. When it doubt, state the truth clearly and then move on. They won’t “get over it” in any case, so at least enjoy the dignity of NOT doing an Apology Tour.

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3 Responses to Megyn Kelly PC-PWNED

  1. Larry Ledwick says:

    Dear Megan take the 69 million dollars and laugh all the way to the bank.
    Meanwhile write a book about how PC is dangerous and over done. Make another 10 – 20 million.

  2. philjourdan says:

    My wife was watching GMA. The most racist comment in the past year? ONe of the idiots on GMA said that there were no people of color on that panel, so they were not allowed to talk about racism!!!

  3. Steve C says:

    (Sigh) And it’s the time of year for the annual attacks on the Netherlands’ traditional character Zwarte Piet (Black Pete). He is an assistant of Sinterklass (St. Nicholas), who is the centre of their early December celebration. Despite being a friendly character – his main job is amusing and distributing sweets to the kiddies – he is (sotto voce) blackface, thus ray-sisst SJW-bait and must be driven out.

    And in today’s news, the president of the University of Southampton Student Union has decided that a mural in their Senate chamber is offensive, because it depicts Southampton students – all white, of course, as Britain was a white country until ~1950 – who had gone off and died in the Great War 1914-18, receiving the degrees they would have earned had they lived. How offensive that is, and I’m not talking about the mural. (Fortunately, it looks as if someone has had a word with her, as she’s now trying to play it down somewhat.) (/Sigh)

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