EU Migration Pact Crisis

While the title of it implies it is Belgium Centric, in fact it is more Globalist Critical.

There is much general clue here. The disconnect between the Globalist “center left” leaning leadership and the Just Folks citizens is reaching a critical state, both in the EU and the USA. (Canada & Australia perhaps ‘soon’, and South America is fracturing in different ways with Brazil taking a reset, and other nations on the brink of collapse / revolt).

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2 Responses to EU Migration Pact Crisis

  1. Ian W says:

    There is a tendency in European countries to use ‘Brussels’ and ‘The EU’ as synonyms; this is incorrect. I was ‘lucky’ enough to live and work in Brussels a few years ago and there were often anti-EU demonstrations and posters on lamp-posts depicting Belgium under the ‘boot’ of the EU.
    As you say E.M. there is unrest literally on the streets and worldwide there would appear to be resentment against the Soros funded open borders globalists who are deliberately deconstructing the nation states. In general these globalists are urban elites who (to use the French example) cannot see why people cannot just get the metro to go to work – apparently in complete ignorance of middle France. Precisely the same sneering disregard of the ‘fly-over-states’ seen in the East and West coast townies in the USA. Macron and Obama are almost cookie cutter examples of these elites.
    There is a huge similarity between the unrest now and that in the end of the 1700’s except the information age allows the unrest to become rapidly global.

    Interesting times.

  2. lord Blagger says:

    There’s a problem. People have been indoctrinated by the left and liberals into targeting groups.

    Just think, how many times do you hear that bankers [the group] are responsible for the sins of a few? Or the rich, or the upper class. etc.

    Now you have let the cat out of the bag. People are now saying that migrants are to blame when its migration policy and politicians who are at fault.

    Or you get the same about people who voted for Brexit. Racists xenophobics, ill educated, … Target ting the group.

    Not surprising since that’s the general push of the media like the Guardian, the BBC, schooling, ….

    But they hate it when people do the same back.

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