Hey! H.R.: Infinite Showers On The Road

Spouse give you grief about Navy Showers on the road? Want that 1/2 hour long hot shower after the a day of fishing but only have a 30 gallon grey water tank? Here’s your answer:

It’s a self contained device, about 5 gallons as a guess, with 2 circulating pumps, a heat exchanger, and two filters. Feed in (recirculated) hot water (from your propane heater, solar heater, engine coolant) to keep the shower hot; then it recirculates 1/2 gallon of shower water, polishing it in the filters on each pass, and keeping the temperature Just Right. Shower for an hour on 1/2 gallon. (Then use it for washing the dog, the camper, putting out the camp fire, whatever….). Cost of parts about $400 per the maker.

I also note it starts out with pointing at the “mini-split” AC/Heater mounted on the back of his Class C and just how very quiet it is. One of my concerns about getting an RV is that I HATE loud AC noise when trying to sleep (and where “loud” is anything I can hear ;-) so that alone is a “game changer” for me.

Between those two things, it fixes the two biggest Grumbles per RVs for spouse (she of the 90 gallon shower) and me (quiet sleeping please).

The “money shot” comes a ways into it where for a few seconds he has the cover off an you can see the insides of it. The valve on the side is a ‘temperature mixing valve’ and keeps your water temp constant to within 1/10 degree (per the video). One pump circulates water from your heat source to keep the temperature right (and, since it does circulate, no water is consumed from your fresh water tank…) and the other circulates the shower water through the filters and shower (so you use 1/2 gallon for your shower, however long you use it).

He has a miniature demo shower set up next to his coach to show folks. Full sized re-circulation rig, but the shower curtain and pan are small enough nobody is tempted to poach a shower off his demo ;-) Connects to 12 VDC with the small black wire, and to the water heater via the two plastic hoses / connections on coach. The sump depth is between 1/8 inch and 1/2 inch. That’s ALL it needs to run.

One interesting note came at the very end. He uses Epsom Salt to chelate the soap so the filter can remove it. So, OK, no “detergent bars”, just regular soap. Got it.

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7 Responses to Hey! H.R.: Infinite Showers On The Road

  1. H.R. says:

    That is so cool, E.M.! I’m betting that commercial models will start showing up as an option on various types of RVs fairly soon.

    It would be fantastic on the ultralite models that skip the plumbing due to weight and space considerations. My guess is that they will show up first on those Honda Civic-towable models [big wink + an eyeroll + grin].

    They already offer the on-demand water heaters on some RVs, but it’s the elimination of the gray water tank that is the big deal.

    As the title of the video says, it’s a game changer.

  2. Pouncer says:

    A working water re-cycle system would be a game changer for homes as well as RVs. Those of us on well water, in particular, would be interested.

  3. p.g.sharrow says:

    The blizzard of 2019 has begun here above Chico at 2,000ft in the foothills of the Sierra…pg

  4. E.M.Smith says:

    Oh wow! That looks a whole lot different from when I was there…

    FWIW, we’re getting the start of showers, very cold showers, down here in Silly Con Valley. It’s going to be snow on Mount Hamilton, I think.

    Found that both wagons had way low tire pressure (like 12 and 20 PSI front and rear) so just aired them all up. While doing it, went from “this is cold” to “why are these big fat drops so cold?”…

    I have a minor roof leak I’ve been trying to fix for 2 years now, so I’m going to be up in the attic as this unfolds, looking for where it’s coming from. Unfortunately, can’t see anything when it is dry.

    I might end up doing roofing in the rain…

    OTOH, we’re talking like 16 ounces in a long duration downpour, so it isn’t major. But still… I think a bit of plywood decking is cracked and the shingles over it have a crack in them. Maybe. I thought of putting a sprinkler on the roof in the summer, but that seemed a bit paranoid over the top… until now ;-)

    Supposedly (if the weather channel can be believed) this will be at most 2 inches and maybe as little as 1/2 inch for us. Yeah, right, I didn’t believe them either…

    But at least it isn’t’ snow.


  5. philjourdan says:

    The bomb storm (I forget the correct nomenclature) is supposed to drop the snow line down to 1000 feet in NOCAL.

    I am sure this is the first time i history for this kind of weather (or so I am constantly told).

  6. Larry Ledwick says:

    It basically means a storm that has explosive growth compared to normal storms (ie very rapid growth)

    The official term is explosive cyclogenesis, or bombogenesis which—in addition to being my new favorite word—is actually really common.

    The ‘bombing’ occurs when a low pressure system’s central pressure falls 24 millibars in 24 hours or less.

    Drops in atmospheric pressure allow a storm system to pick up more air and strengthen, but a fall as sharp as 24 millibars in less than a day—while not exactly rare—is considered, in meteorological terms, explosive. This threshold came into common use after the publication of an article on the subject in 1980.

  7. p.g.sharrow says:

    we had about 8 inches snow and then it warmed into light rain, the satellite dish cleared about midnite. So I now have internet back on, bed time I think

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